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Colorful Sawdust

ZIMANO colorful sawdust is a collection with 7 different colors that include: yellow, red, blue, green, purple, turquoise, and smoky color
40g of colorful sawdust in a glass container. You can find monochromatic and multicolor sawdust.
Our packaging philosophy
We are committed to promoting environmental sustainability by using reusable materials for our product packaging in order to minimize waste. As a result, we use glass containers and fabric bags for the packaging of this collection.
40g colorful sawdust
Packaging size:
- Glass container:
29 × 6.5 × 6.5 cm
Name and color combinations
1.Sunflower: Yellow
2.Lack: Blue
3.Red Poppy: Red
4.Amethyst: Purple
5.Foggy forest night: Smoky
7.Peacock: Dark green
8.Ocean: Blue+Turquoise
9.Volcano: Red+Black+Smoky
10.Autumn: Yellow+Red
11.Magic of winter: Blue+Purple+Smoky

Our colorful sawdust adds a vibrant touch to your home and makes your gifts stand out

This Collection will bring colors into your living space
ZIMANO's colorful sawdust is an environmentally friendly and handmade product derived from natural wood waste. By utilizing these wood shavings, ZIMANO prevents waste disposal and eliminates the need to cut down trees.
The stunning colors in this collection draw inspiration from the rich and diverse hues found in nature, capturing the essence of natural phenomena. By incorporating ZIMANO's colorful sawdust, you can infuse your living spaces with striking and bold splashes of color, adding a touch of artistic flair to your surroundings. Furthermore, this collection offers the perfect opportunity to adorn your gifts, allowing you to create visually appealing presents for your friends and family, making each gift a unique and memorable expression of your thoughtfulness.
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